A-ROSA is green

We behave responsible towards the cities, towns and rural areas that we visit.

For over fifteen years, A-ROSA has been the market leader for premium holidays on the Danube, Douro, Rhine, Rhône and Seine. What is it that makes city breaks by ship so appealing? The opportunity for guests to discover different cities, towns and landscapes. For us it’s a privilege to be able to explore iconic destinations and lesser-known locales – and we love to share it with our guests. While we will always do all we can to give our guests a care free holiday, we will always care aboutthe people and places our visits touch.

Our cruises take us right into areas where people live, which is one of the reasons why inland navigation is subject to very strict regulations – particularly compared with navigation at sea – and rigorous inspections. As a recent study shows, all things considered, inland navigation is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, surpassing even train travel. The factors taken into account for the study included impact on the climate, air pollution, accidents and noise pollution.

At A-ROSA we’re aware that past and present environmental challenges require a long-term approach. That’s the only way we’ll be able to preserve both quality of life in urban areas and the natural environment for future generations. As a company we believe that this is our responsibility, and our actions in all areas of environmental protection put us at the very forefront of our industry.

Lasting responsibility: As part of our sustainability strategy, we review and refine the actions listed here on an ongoing basis.

 Avoiding waste

Avoiding waste

Forward planning and a considerate approach help us to avoid waste as well as reduce and compensate for water and energy consumption. We have an efficient waste management process on board our ships.

All waste is stored separately and then handed over to certified partner companies in selected ports. This ensures that it is disposed of correctly. Furthermore we have developed a concept for avoiding food waste together with the organisation United Against Waste.

Clean water

Clean water

At A-ROSA we aim to preserve the high water quality of the rivers. Waste water undergoes a complex treatment process on board our ships via modern, certified systems.

This protects the rivers from contamination. The sewage sludge produced during treatment is disposed of at ports, by specialist companies.

Plastic-free ships

We’re working on removing non-recyclable plastic from our ships. Single-use plastic products are being replaced with sustainably produced or recyclable alternatives – from the bar areas to the kitchen to the housekeeping department. We already stopped using paper towels and carrying out unnecessary wash cycles some time ago. We also installed refillable dispensers in the bathrooms and removed ready-portioned products from the buffet. The latest generation of A-ROSA ships is equipped with water dispensers, and the rest of the fleet is being adapted for them step by step – starting with the Rhône ships. This will allow us to provide all our guests with refillable water bottles in their cabins instead of disposable plastic bottles.

 Reducing emissions

Reducing emissions

Our ships meet – and in most cases exceed – the strictest standards for safety and sustainability. All of A-ROSA’s ships are equipped with an onshore power connection, and we use it exclusively at all berths where it is possible. This avoids local exhaust emissions and reduces noise pollution significantly. Our ships are powered by gas oil, which is virtually the same as normal car diesel. It has a sulphur content of around 0.001% – more than complying with the EU rules for operating in European ports – and it doesn’t contain any heavy fuel.

Our new E-Motion vessel, which is scheduled to sail the Rhine from 2021, will be the first ship in our industry with battery propulsion and a battery storage system to enter operation in Europe. It will allow us to come into port almost silently and without producing any emissions.

Working hand in hand with the regions

At A-ROSA we’re proud to be able to boost local economies in our regions of operation through responsible tourism. We dock at central locations at the heart of the city and for lengthy periods – overnight in many cases – which gives our guests the opportunity to support local businesses.

Many of our guests like to explore the towns and cities that we travel to under their own steam or on our various excursions, visiting museums, restaurants, shops, markets and other leisure venues.

What’s more, we work with regional partners to deliver our excursions and our onboard culinary offerings.

Our E-Motion Ship

Our E-Motion Ship

At A-ROSA sustainability is our utmost priority. That’s why, when it came to designing our new ship, relying on existing technology was out of the question. We wanted to develop something new – something better. Matthias Lutter, our Head of New Builds, is an expert in this area. Working with the Concordia Damen shipyard, he developed an E-Motion vessel that’s truly innovative, particularly when it comes to energy efficiency. Thanks to an ingenious energy management system, a battery storage system and an optimised hull design, its exhaust emissions are even lower than those of our diesel-engine ships – which are already low. The new A-ROSA ship is powered by one diesel and one electric engine, as well as a battery. The ship covers some stretches of its route using the diesel engine, and the battery is charged. When approaching a port, the ship then switches over to the electric engine, which is powered by the battery. Like all the other ships in the fleet, the new vessel will also be equipped with an onshore power connection, so that the battery can be charged overnight. This will allow us to come into port and leave again in battery mode: almost silently and without producing any emissions.