A-ROSA is green

For over fifteen years, A-ROSA has been the market leader for premium holidays on the Danube, Douro, Rhine, Rhône and Seine. Our ships meet or exceed the most stringent standards for safety and sustainability.

What makes city breaks by ship so appealing? The opportunity for guests to discover and explore cities and landscapes. And a recent study has shown that, all things considered, inland navigation is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, surpassing even train travel. The factors taken into account for the study included impact on the climate, air pollution, accidents and noise pollution.

Even so, at A-ROSA we’re aware that past and present environmental challenges require a very long-term approach. That’s the only way we’ll be able to preserve the natural environment for future generations. As a company we believe that this is our responsibility, and our actions in all areas of environmental protection put us at the very forefront of our industry.

A-ROSA’s objective is to maintain a high level of water quality in rivers, limit fuel consumption and emissions and promote a responsible approach to water consumption and waste and wastewater management. Embracing environmental awareness with a particular focus on sustainability benefits our planet and the tourism industry alike. At A-ROSA we always act in accordance with this philosophy – both when fitting out our ships and in our everyday work. 

All of A-ROSA’s ships are equipped with shore power connections, and we use them wherever possible. The ships are powered by gas oil with a sulphur content far below 0.1%, which more than complies with the EU rules for operating in European ports. Our new E-Motion vessel, which is scheduled to sail the Rhine from 2021, will be the first ship in our industry with battery propulsion and a battery storage system to enter operation in Europe. It will allow us to come into port almost silently and without producing any emissions.

Forward planning and a considerate approach help us to avoid waste as well as reduce and compensate for water and energy consumption. Our efficient wastemanagement process begins on board our ships. Together with the organisation United Against Waste we have developed a concept for avoiding food waste. We are also currently working on a more consistent model for avoiding plastic waste on board. All waste that is generated on our ships is separated on board, stored separately and then handed over to specially certified partner companies in selected ports. This ensures that it is disposed of correctly.

The wastewater treatment process on our ships is complex and uses certified systems. Wastewater undergoes several treatment cycles before it can then be released into the environment, which happens in specially designated areas. This process is subject to strict controls. The sewage sludge produced during treatment is only disposed of at ports, by specialist companies. 

A-ROSA’s ships are mainly fitted with LED lighting, which is connected to a smart lighting control system. Our fleet is also equipped with energy-efficient and energy-saving air conditioning and ventilation systems.

We dock at central locations at the heart of the city and for lengthy periods – overnight in many cases – which gives our guests the opportunity to support local businesses. For example, A-ROSA offers a version of its Basic rate that includes breakfast only – and our Premium all inclusive rate guests are also happy to skip lunch or dinner on board sometimes to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant. Many of our guests also like to explore the towns and cities that we travel to under their own steam, visiting museums, markets and other leisure venues. What’s more, we work closely with regional partners to deliver our excursions and our onboard culinary offerings.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

  • Eleven of our ships were built at the Neptun shipyard in Rostock, a subsidiary of the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg and quality market leader. The A-ROSA ALVA used on the Douro was built at the local shipyard in Viana. The newbuilding planned for 2021 will be built by Concordia Damen Werft from the Netherlands.
  • Highest standards in terms of quality and safety (e.g., for equipment, materials, technology and training).
  • A-ROSA has been certified as a travel operator to DIN ISO 9001 standards by Germanischer Lloyd (GL); certification is assessed annually by GL.


•    We meet all legal requirements and often even exceed them
•    Regular training and exercises
•    Care and maintenance
•    Cutting-edge technology



Our new E-Motion vessel, which is scheduled to sail the Rhine from 2021, will be the first ship in our industry with battery propulsion and a battery storage system to enter operation in Europe.

This will enable us to call at the ports emission-free and virtually noiselessly. In addition, the Air Captivity System patented by Concordia Damen Werft, a so-called air bubble carpet, reduces fuel consumption by around 8 percent.

Sustainability examples:

  • Soot particle filter (A-ROSA SILVA, A-ROSA FLORA)
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Onshore power supply
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Heat coupling
  • Water and energy savings
  • Consistent waste prevention and
  • Recycling of waste