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Steel construction of A-ROSA’s new E-Motion Ship is completed

The steel construction of A-ROSA’s new E-Motion ship was completed at the Romanian Severnav shipyard

For the transfer to the Netherlands, the new ship was loaded onto a dock ship. Photo: Concordia-Damen

Sydney, 07.05.2021 – The steel construction of A-ROSA’s new E-Motion ship was completed at the Romanian Severnav shipyard in mid-April 2021 and the ship is now being transferred to the Netherlands for interior fitting and finishing. It was taken downstream on the Danube to the port of Constana, on the Black Sea coast and loaded onto a dock ship. The new E-Motion ship is now travelling through the Bosporus, the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay to Rotterdam, where it is expected to arrive in the first half of May. The interior work will then be carried out at the Concordia Damen shipyard near Rotterdam.

Jörg Eichler, CEO of A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH, comments: “We are very pleased that our newest fleet member has taken an important step on her journey to becoming our new flagship vessel. This ship enables us to once again pioneer innovation within the European river cruise market and set new product and environmental standards. It will also be the first passenger ship on the Rhine to have four decks and a width of 17.7 metres, offering more space for each guest.”

The E-Motion ship will feature the latest-generation battery propulsion system, which will enable it to call at cities with virtually no noise or emissions. It has also been designed from the outset with families and multigenerational groups in mind and the ship will have the first dedicated kids club room and 28 m² family cabins. The sun deck will also feature an adult pool and a separate shallow water pool for children. The 21 m² standard cabins offer a spacious living and sleeping area and a balcony with seating for two. The 26 m² suites are located in a separate area of the ship. In addition, comfortable single and double cabins have also been created for crew members as part of a well-being concept. A separate kitchen as well as a dining and relaxation room each also provide an attractive retreat during breaks and non-working hours. 


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