Amateur sleuths on board!

This cruise is ideal for passionate amateur sleuths. Search for evidence, hunt for clues and conduct enquiries. Learn anything you don’t already know at training sessions and lessons on board. It’s totally thrilling! Of course, it goes without saying that the holiday itself doesn’t fall by the wayside. After all, this is still the main motive for your trip.

A-ROSA Murder Mystery Cruise:

  • On four cruises on the Rhine
  • Professional actors stage a murder on board
  • A four-day programme including crim in-ology training, lessons and readings
  • You can join the investigation team, examine evidence and conduct enquiries
To Rhine Cruise: Rhine Mini Cruise Amsterdam & Rotterdam



Rhine Mini Cruise Amsterdam & Rotterdam



From beauty to whimsy, art to commerce, cosmopolitanism to tradition.

From Cologne to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Cruising Day to Cologne.


Krimi-Cruises auf der A-ROSA FLORA:
04.11. | 08.11. | 12.11. | 16.11.2020

from 469 p. p.

Premium all inclusive | Cabin S