Surprise me, please!

Global music star, intimate gig by a well-rated band, cabaret, musical or opera – prepare to be surprised by only finding out when certain events will be held once you are on board. Spontaneous parties, events, day trips and concerts are the best in any case when you turn up completely without expectations and leave totally thrilled and deliriously happy.Who knows, maybe you will come back with a new favourite band or a rediscovered love of musicals. Whatever the case, the evening is sure to end with a nice memory of a special experience.


  • In March and November on the Rhine and Danube
  • There are different events ranging from concerts and cabaret to musicals and opera
  • You will only find out which events are being held and when you will be going once you are on board
  • Participation is voluntary and completely free of charge
To Rhine Mini Cruise: Rhine Mini Cruise Main & Lorelei



Rhine Mini Cruise Main & Lorelei



To experience a little romance doesn't demand an eternity.

From Cologne to Rüdesheim, Mainz, Frankfurt and Koblenz to Cologne.


04.11. | 08.11. | 12.11. | 20.11.2020

from 469 p. p.

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