Activities on board

Spending all day on deck lying in the sun is of course an option. But wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on all the opportunities available to you both on board and ashore?

The pool invites you to swim a few lengths, or simply to let your mind wander. The new acquaintances you’ll quickly make will lead not only to animated chats, but perhaps also to a round of shovelboard or deck chess. And you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your swing during our little gold tournaments. If you’re the kind of person who likes to burn off energy when recharging your batteries, then you’ll love our gym. You can train intensely or at a more laid-back pace, all the while watching the changing panoramas outside and developing an appetite for the excellent creations that will later emerge from our kitchen. If you like to integrate a little exercise into your explorations of unique landscapes, exciting cities and historical locations, then select a bicycle tour from the varied range of tours we offer. This will ensure that you get to both see the sights and come back on board revitalised!

And action!
You'll have plenty of opportunities to get your pulse beating.