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Sometimes when we’re up on the sun deck, we notice how intensely our passengers enjoy the natural panorama of the riverbank. After all our years in the business, this still gives us enormous pleasure. Some people react with rapt silence, some with excited shouts, while others stare in amazement, point, explain and take photos. If we have a second to spare, we like to take a look at the view as well.

The wonderful thing about travelling by river is that you see the natural world in all its authentic beauty. In contrast to roads, railway tracks or airports, rivers are part of nature. In fact, to some extent rivers have created the natural world around them by forging a path through it and depositing its water’s fertile sediment over the course of millions of years. What better place is there to gaze up at the towering cliffs of the Iron Gates than from a ship? Or to take in the sight of the picturesque Wachau valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site? And if you weren’t travelling on the Rhine, would it be possible to experience so closely the swashbuckling castles in the Middle Rhine Valley and the legends that surround Lorelei?

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 Donaukreuzfahrten durch die Wachau
 Flussreise auf der Donau mit A-ROSA
 Provence bei einer Flussreise erleben
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 Douro Flusskreuzfahrt mit A-ROSA
 A-ROSA Rhein Schiff
 Traumkreuzfahrt entlang der Rhône


 Garten Monet in Giverny bei einer Flussreise besichtigen
 Yvonne Catterfeld Flusskreuzfahrt Rhein
 Frankreichs Küste mit A-ROSA entdecken
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 Natur der Rhône entdecken

And where else but on the water does the Provençal light wrap you so wonderfully in golden warmth, the rippling waves of the river making the water sparkle even more enchantingly? The great French Impressionists Monet and Renoir used to head out on to the Seine in rowing boats with the aim of capturing fleeting moments and the changing light.

And where better to appreciate their fascination than on the deck of the A-ROSA? Ideally with a glass of good wine and a clear view of Normandy as the Seine meanders towards the English Channel through its rocks, forests and stunning blossoming meadows. If you want to experience nature at its most elemental, you need to travel along the path that it created.

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