Experience the Tulip Season with A-ROSA

Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons, but in some places it proves to be even more magical than one could have ever imagined. A perfect example is Holland during the tulip season. From mid-April to early May, you can witness breathtaking tulip fields in all their splendid colours. Sail along the river and experience the sea of flowers, as well as many other beautiful destinations.

A highly recommended stopover is Keukenhof, an expansive Dutch garden complex located north of Lisse municipality. Each spring, more than 7 million bulb flowers bloom here, showcasing an astonishing variety of 800 different types of tulips. Aside from these spectacular floral displays, visitors can also be captivated by flower shows and impressive events among many other attractions. There's also plenty of entertainment for the little ones, including petting zoos and more.