Good morning! It might be too early and the bed might be way too comfy. But your curiosity and the prospect of a sumptuous breakfast will make getting out of bed easy.

Up on deck, you will be met by the peace of the gently flowing river, as if slumbering under the soft cover of a morning mist. Then the sun will make its appearance, filling the scene with golden light and softly lifting the morning mist to awaken the river with its sparkling rays. This wonderful spectacle will make you forget your coffee and croissants for a moment. And if your A-ROSA ship happens to lie at anchor in a city port, you’ll be able to see an entirely different side of city life. Because ports don’t sleep for long, you’ll witness the coming-to-life of this city area at dawn – bare-faced and authentic, in sharp contrast to the bright lights and coquetry of downtown districts. This other side of city life has an intimacy that appeals. 

Experiences such as these are what make river cruises so special, and what you will experience on your holiday with us. They provide you with a panoramic view of a city’s soul and of the beauty of nature. And they also enable you to gain new insights into your fellow travelers and indeed into yourself. You will discover a more relaxed mindset, new abilities and interests, invoked not only by the wide range of wellness, recreational and culinary offers available, but also by the absence of stress from the hustle and bustle of daily routine. How delightful!

A-ROSA River Cruises

A-ROSA River Cruises A-ROSA Donau Flotte

City breaks


We fly into a city, have a quick look around, and then jet off to the next destination. But if a ship gently takes you from city to city, you have the chance to truly arrive at your destination.

Experience. Städtereise nach Budapest mit A-ROSA
City breaks

Premium All-Inclusive


If what you want is to make one single booking and then have nothing else to do but enjoy your holiday, then our “A-ROSA Premium All-Inclusive” is just the thing for you.

Relax. Sonnenuntergang Donau genießen
Premium All-Inclusive

Culinary delights on board


We love good food and drinks that spoils the palate - especially when we can enjoy both with friendly people. Like you, for instance.

Indulgence. Dinner auf dem Sonnendeck bei A-ROSA
Culinary delights on board

A-ROSA outlook:

Holiday season -

time for new perspectives

A-ROSA outlook: Holiday season - time for new perspectives Flussreisen Bratislava