River Cruises on the Danube

There’s nothing like a river cruise on the Danube. One of Europes longest rivers, it flows through a total of ten countries – more than any other river. As you drift along, you’ll experience a wide range of different cities and landscapes: grand metropolises such as Vienna and Budapest as well as many natural highlights. Every region through which the Danube passes has its own unique atmosphere; it appears not only in the ports and cities but also in the surrounding countryside. The most beautiful natural areas include the Danube Loop, the Iron Gates gorge and the Danube Delta, with its steep cliffs and primeval rock formations. Each of the towns and cities along the Danube also has its own distinctive charm. As the ship enters the various harbours, you can marvel at very different skylines: from historical to modern, the cities combine various architectural styles. Discover the diversity of this great river and the surrounding regions on a Danube cruise. It’s an experience the whole family will enjoy.

You can also experience the magic of Christmas on a Danube River Cruise. Or why not join A-ROSA as we set sail for a New Year’s Eve Danube river cruise?



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    You can book a Danube Cruise with your travel agent or directly via the A-ROSA website. You can also book your dream vacation with our A-ROSA Service Center: +49 381 202 6001 or send an e-mail to service@a-rosa.com.

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