Short cruises with A-ROSA

A river cruises offer rest & relaxation together with varied and exciting experiences. You often only need a few days to switch off from the stress of everyday life.

For this very reason, A-ROSA offers short cruises on the most beautiful waterways in Europe. Be it the Rhine, Danube, Rhône and Saône or the Seine – you will experience a new city every day on your trip. As soon as you pull into the harbour, you are welcomed by the atmosphere and characteristic flair of each city. Explore modern cities or stroll through narrow alleyways lined with colourful house fronts. Every place tells its own unique story worth discovering.

Historical buildings, palaces and castles are testimonies to their respective eras and can be found in every small town or village. As well as diverse cities, you will get the chance to experience a variety of natural landscapes on your mini cruise, from lavender fields in the South of France or ancient fortresses and castles in Normandy. Pass by the vineyards and historical towns on the Rhine, Moselle and Main, or through multiple countries to the Danube Delta. Every day, a new region and new discoveries await you. An exciting trip packed into a few relaxing days.

Mini cruise, but a great journey

Guests of the A-ROSA mini cruises enjoy all the advantages of a larger cruise: Every day is different, there are many activities on board for the whole family and you can explore the surrounding area during excursions. This is an adventure for nature lovers and city enthusiasts alike.

Would you like to try out the world of cruises or simply take some time off? The A-ROSA mini cruises make it possible. Let yourself be carried away into another world. Yesterday you were still stuck in the daily grind, but you’ll start relaxing as soon as you depart and enjoy the magnificent views and sunrises and sunsets from the river. Or combine a longer trip with a mini cruise and get more of an insight into your holiday region. A short city trip is also possible in the form of a mini cruise. Our A-ROSA ships are equipped with all the amenities for a cruise. Come on board and enjoy a mini cruise on Europe’s most beautiful rivers.