A-ROSA Videos

A-ROSA Videos

Sit back and experience A-ROSA river cruises in short films.

Enchanted by Europe's Cities and Sceneries: A-ROSA River Cruises A-ROSA ALVA auf dem Douro

Enchanted by Europe's Cities and Sceneries: A-ROSA River Cruises

Discover Europe's most beautiful rivers in all their splendour: Leave the daily grind behind and immerse yourself in a fascinating journey filled with vibrant metropolises and picturesque sceneries. Our river cruises on the Danube, Douro, Rhine/Main/Moselle, Rhône/Saône and Seine promise exciting adventures, diverse excursions and laid-back sailing through new regions.

Family vacation on the A-ROSA SENA A-ROSA Teaser Familienkreuzfahrten

Family vacation on the A-ROSA SENA

The A-ROSA SENA is a true paradise for families. There is room for up to five people in the spacious family cabins – with plenty of storage space, maritime bunk beds and two bathrooms. Right next door is the Kids Club, which is open at any time and offers a diverse entertainment program for kids and teens.

Seine River Cruises Mit A-ROSA Flussreisen die Normandie entdecken

Seine River Cruises

During an A-ROSA river cruise on the Seine from Paris to the Alabaster Coast, you will discover the heart of France. The Seine stretches from the East of France to Le Havre, where it enters the English Channel. On the route Seine Experience the Normandy you can not only marvel at the impressive metropolis of Paris, but also discover more tranquil villages such as Caudebec-En-Caux and Les Andelys.



Come on board our new A-ROSA SENA and experience the ship from the first perspective. Discover the different areas and immerse yourself in the A-ROSA world. We show you the cabins, the Kids Club, the SPA-ROSA and the culinary highlights such as the #PAVILION or the #SENA GRILL in the ship tour. Why not take a look around the new E-Motion Ship right now? We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Danube River Cruise

Danube River Cruise

As you drift along on the Danube river, you’ll experience a wide range of different cities and landscapes: grand metropolises such as Vienna and Budapest as well as many natural highlights. Discover the diversity of this great river and the surrounding regions on a Danube cruise. It’s an experience the whole family will enjoy.

Sustainable Measures Onboard A-ROSA SENA A-ROSA Teaser Nachhaltigkeit Sena

Sustainable Measures Onboard A-ROSA SENA

In June 2022 A-ROSA's newest fleet member, the A-ROSA SENA, entered service on the Rhine. The truly unique E-Motion Ship features a hybrid propulsion system, which means it has both diesel and electric engines. A large battery storage unit enables the so-called peak shaving and temporarily purely electric driving. This allows the A-ROSA SENA to call at ports almost silently and without producing local emissions.

For the first time – A-ROSA SENA

For the first time – A-ROSA SENA

Get to know our innovative new ship launching on the Rhine - the A-ROSA SENA, which sails to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp since May 2022. Meet a new generation of river cruise ship, which will exceed all your expectations.

Rhône River Cruise Avignon mit A-ROSA erleben

Rhône River Cruise

During an A-ROSA river cruise on the Rhône from Lyon towards the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy soothing tranquility like you haven't in a long time. While you are being treated by Team A-ROSA, our premium ships will take you to enchanting cities such as Viviers, Arles and Avignon.

Our Captain of the A-ROSA SENA A-ROSA Sena Kapitän

Our Captain of the A-ROSA SENA

With the A-ROSA SENA, a real sensation will be capturing the northern Rhine from May 2022: the E-Motion Ship has an electric motor and a battery storage system- i.e. emission-free and almost noiseless. In our video, we introduce you to the captain of the innovative new ship, who is already looking forward to welcoming A-ROSA guests on board and offering them a completely new holiday experience.

Douro River Cruise Flusskreuzfahrt A-ROSA ab Porto

Douro River Cruise

Come aboard, discover the beauty of the Douro, and explore Portugal’s soul. Porto is the port of departure and arrival for our Douro cruises. Don’t miss the opportunity to go on an excursion to Salamanca in Spain.

A-ROSA SENA - Sustainable travel with the E-Motion Ship A-ROSA Teaser Matthias Lutter

A-ROSA SENA - Sustainable travel with the E-Motion Ship

What is an E-Motion Ship? Our Head of New Build Matthias Lutter explains the idea and the concept behind the hybrid propulsion of the A-ROSA SENA. How can the energy consumption of the ship be reduced during the cruise? And how can the ship sail emission-free into ports like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp? Find out from our specialist how responsible travel and pure pleasure can be combined on the A-ROSA SENA.

A-ROSA Moodfilm A-ROSA Seine Les Andelys erleben

A-ROSA Moodfilm

As your premium hotel moves from city to city, you have everything you would expect from a premium hotel on deck – views of the spectacular landscape, delicious drinks, minigolf, a spa and a whole lot of sunshine.

Experience the Moselle with A-ROSA

Experience the Moselle with A-ROSA

Come on board, discover the beauty of the Moselle and experience one of Germany’s most impressive wine-growing regions! Enjoy diverse cities and breathtaking landscapes on your cruise. From Cologne, visit tranquil Bernkastel-Kues and immerse yourself in over 1,000 years of German history in Trier. In Cochem, the Reichsburg, which can be seen from afar, towers over the city and delights its visitors.