Terms and Conditions of Participation

1. Content of the competition 

In order to take part in our A-ROSA Moments, participants must have a valid e-mail address OR an instagram OR facerbook account. Participation is possible every two months. To win a  100 A-ROSA coupon participants have to:

  • share a picture of their vacation from your A-ROSA cruise on instagram or facebook and use the hashtag #arosamoments AND link @arosakreuzfahrten,
  • OR upload a vacation picture on the A-ROSA Moments Website,
  • AND the said picture was subsequently shared on the official Instagram or Facebook channel of A-ROSA Cruises.

Only one of the listed actions above with sharing on the official A-ROSA channels will lead to participation in the draw for the prize.

2. Organizer

The organizer of this raffle is A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH, Loggerweg 5, 18055 Rostock.

Any questions, comments or complaints may be directed to A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH (online@a-rosa.com). 

3. Entry rules

Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Participation is independent of a booking or other services purchased from A-ROSA. Employees of A-ROSA and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies as well as their relatives and employees of the agencies involved in the implementation of the competition and the raffle may not participate.

4. Conditions of participation, prizes & procedure of the raffle

The conditions of participation are an integral part of the competition. Participation in the prize draw is only possible under the conditions of participation listed here. By participating in the competition, the participant accepts these conditions. Participants become eligible for the prize draw by sending or tagging a vacation picture (see 1.). From all participants that fulfilled all required actions, the winners will be selected at the start of every second month and contacted by A-ROSA via email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook. The winners will be determined as follows: A-ROSA Cruises will select the best photo of the months from all received and valid submissions at its own discretion.

The following prize will be raffled:

Voucher worth € 100 for booking an A-ROSA cruise. All decisions are final.

5. Start and closing date

The competition will take place every second month from the first day of the first month until the last day of the second month, at 23:59. All actions submitted after the valid deadline will be considered for participation in the next competitions period. A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH reserves the right to cancel or terminate the competition at any time.

6. Providing personal data and data protection

Participation in the competition is only possible for users with a registered email address or an account on Instagram or Facebook. The data collected as part of the competition (first & last name, e-mail address) will not be processed internally or by third parties. The data transmitted to A-ROSA (e.g. name and address of the winner) will be processed solely for the purpose of conducting the competition and stored only for the period of the competition processing. By submitting your photo via the form on the  A-ROSA Moments Website, you agree to the use of the image on the A-ROSA social media channels and in the A-ROSA Moments calendar. If you share your photo on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #arosamoments and linking @arosakreuzfahrten and are eligible for the raffle, we will obtain your consent via direct message before publishing the photo. A rescission is possible at any time. For more information on data protection, please see the  A-ROSA Data protection information.

7. Legal information

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to provide data such as first and last name and a valid e-mail address. Please note that participants in the competition are responsible for the data provided and transmitted.
A breach of the conditions of participation, in particular by providing false information, entitles A-ROSA to exclude the participant from the competition. The same shall apply if there is reason to fear that the behaviour of a participant or reasons relating to the person of the participant could damage the image or good reputation of A-ROSA, this competition or associated or commissioned companies. The competition is subject to the laws and regulations applicable in Germany. You will not be entitled to claim the cash value of a prize or to exchange your prize for another prize. The right to win/the prize is not transferable. All decisions are final.