Important information

The ship's manifest is a mandatory form that we must have to ensure a smooth process with customs, port and border authorities. Please fill in the form three weeks prior to departure at the latest. 

Please contact the appropriate consulate for relevant passport and visa regulations. 

We need the following information

  • Full name and address (street, post code, city)
  • Note: please make sure that the manifest data conform to the data in your booking/confirmation and invoice
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number (can be the same for all passengers)
  • Mobile phone number (can be the same for all passengers)
  • Email (can be the same for all passengers)
  • Emergency contact number (e.g. family, friends, travel agency)
  • Passport/ID card number 


Are you celebrating a special occasion? If so, please enter the exact date so that your order can be honored during the trip. Do you have any allergies or food intolerances? Do you have any medical disabilities? Please enter any special requests here (short words).

Note: we have free seating in our restaurant, therefore table reservations are not possible.