A-ROSA Insurances 2023

Services at a glance A-ROSA travel cancellation insurance* A-ROSA cruise cover A-ROSA Rhine cruise cover
1 Travel cancellation insurance
2 Holiday guarantee  
3 Travel health insurance   Included with certain restrictions
4 Luggage insurance  
5 Emergency insurance  
  Applies to all cruising regions Applies to Danube, northern Rhine, Douro, Rhône & Seine Applies to southern Rhine

*The travel cancellation insurance is already included for all A-ROSA Premium all inclusive bookings made until 30.11.2022. The insurance cannot be deducted from the travel price; it is an integral part of the booking. The deductible amounts to 20% of the reimbursable damage, with a minimum of €25 per person.

Customers who already have the included obligatory travel cancellation insurance included (all Premium all inclusive bookings until 30.11.2022) have the option to extend their insurance at the following conditions:  

Cost of travel A-ROSA cruise cover A-ROSA Rhine cruise cover
Bis € 10.000 € 35 € 19

Overview of Our Insurance Services


If you need to cancel the trip for an insured reason or travel at a later date, we will reimburse you either for the cancellation costs due under the terms of the policy, or for additional outbound travel costs. Insured reasons include, for example:

  • injury caused by an accident
  • unexpected and serious illness
  • death
  • loss of employment
  • commencement of employment
  • pregnancy, complications during the pregnancy
  • short-time work

Deductible: The deductible shall be equal to 20% of the recoverable loss, but subject to a minimum of €25 per insured person.


Covers the additional return travel costs in the event of early or delayed return travel and in the event of travel interruption within the first half (max. within the first 8 travel days) of the trip the full or pro rata travel cost accordingly, and reimburses you the unused travel services in the event of a delay in departure.

Insured reasons include, for example:

  • injury caused by an accident
  • unexpected serious illness, death
  • significant damage to property
  • public transport delay
  • natural disasters and natural events at the holiday destination

(See travel cancellation insurance for the deductible)


Falling ill with COVID-19 before or during the trip is an insured event! In the event of illness, your cancellation costs are secured, and your health is protected.


Assistance and reimbursement of costs for:

  • out-patient treatment provided by a doctor
  • in-patient medical treatment in a hospital
  • drugs and surgical dressings and aids prescribed by a doctor
  • transport to the nearest doctor/hospital and return to the accommodation
  • medically reasonable and appropriate return transportation
  • complications of pregnancy, premature delivery
  • delivery of medication
  • retrieval of luggage
  • repatriation of mortal remains and burial abroad
  • a visit to the insured person during a stay in hospital if the stay lasts longer than five days

No deductible. With regard to trips into regions bordering with Germany, insurance cover for short stays abroad lasting no longer than 48 hours is provided as part of the travel health insurance for medically necessary out-patient or in-patient treatment.


Reimburses the costs for necessary replacement purchases up to a maximum of €500 if the luggage is not returned within one day by the carrier. Sum insured per person: € 2,000. No deductible.


Guardian angels for your trip.

This insurance offers help with emergencies that affect the insured person during travel: e.g. ambulance transport of up to € 2,500, costs for search, recovery or rescue efforts up to € 5,000, costs of repatriation of mortal remains as well as support in the case of loss of means of payment or documents.

Guardian angel for your home/ vehicle:

  • We will organise your travel back to your place of residence and your return to the holiday destination and bear the additional travel costs, if you must curtail or interrupt your trip due to substantial damage to your property at your place of residence. We cover emergency repairs or emergency replacement purchases for your property at your place of residence of up to € 500.
  • In the event of a substantial claim for damages sustained by your private car after it was left behind on the day of departure at your place of residence or parked in a car park (e.g. at the airport), we will reimburse you up to € 500 for the deductible charged by the provider of your car insurance.

International Emergency Call Service when travelling: + 49 40 5555-7877
24-hour service by Roland Assistance – charges subject to phone provider.

Insurance Premium

A-ROSA travel cancellation insuranceA-ROSA cruise coverA-ROSA Rhine cruise cover
Cost of travelInsurance premium per personInsurance premium per personInsurance premium per person
Up to € 500€ 24€ 42€ 30
Up to € 1000€ 49€ 63€ 51
Up to € 1500€ 59€ 83€ 66
Up to € 2000€ 79€ 93€ 83
Up to € 3000€ 125€ 149€ 129
Up to € 4000€ 159€ 183€ 163
Up to € 45454,4 % of the cost of travelAvailable upon request
From € 4545Available upon request


The information provided about the scope of the insurance is only representative. You can obtain the complete terms and conditions from your travel agency or from A-ROSA. The insurance cover is regulated by the Insurance Conditions VB-RKS 2021 (T-D) / VB-RS 2021 (T-GV-RRV-D) of the HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung.


Travel cancellation insurance must be taken out at least 30 days before departure. If the trip starts within 30 days of booking, the travel cancellation insurance must be taken out at the latest by the third working day after booking the trip.


Application for mediation and complaints can – if an agreement with HanseMerkur has not been possible – be directed to the following mediation and complaints office: Versicherungsombudsmann e.V.: Postfach 08 06 32, 10006 Berlin, Telephone +49 800 3696000, Fax 0800 3699000, email: Beschwerde@versicherungsombudsmann.de You can find further information online at: www.versicherungsombudsmann.de/welcome/

A-ROSA Coronavirus Protection

If you or a person at risk have a suspected or confirmed infection with coronavirus (COVID-19), HanseMerkur will reimburse you for the the contractually owed cancellation costs or the additional outward travel costs or rebooking costs.

Insured reasons include, for example:

  • being required to isolate (quarantine) as a result of an official action (e.g., an order) or an order by an authorised third party (e.g., medial practitioner)
  •  Refusal of carriage or entry into the insured rented property by authorised third parties (e.g., airport staff, landlord) on the day of the outward journey

No deductible.


The coronavirus protection can only be booked in conjunction with another HanseMerkur travel cancellation insurance. The travel cancellation insurance that is included with an "A-ROSA Premium all inclusive" booking until 30.11.2022 also fulfils this condition.


The insurance can be taken out while booking, within three working days after booking the trip or at the latest 30 days before departure. If there are less than 30 days between the booking and the start of the journey, the contract must be concluded at the latest on the third working day after booking the trip.

Cost of travel Insurance Premium per person
Up tp € 400 € 5
Up to € 1.000 € 9
Up to € 2.000 € 15
Up to € 3.000 € 19
Up to € 4.000 € 25
Up to € 5.000 € 35
Up to € 7.500 € 49

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