City Break to Linz

The name ‘Linz’ conjures up images of elaborate baroque architecture and Linzer Torte.

These connotations make the Lentos – a glass-cased modern art museum that lies on the city’s riverbank and enjoys an outstanding reputation in the international art scene – even more impressive. Celtic for ‘located at the bend of the river’, the word ‘Lentos’ is the origin of the name ‘Linz’. To really get a sense of Linz – an urban artwork that combines modernism with baroque, and culture with industry – the Höhenrausch tour of the city’s rooftops and a climb up to the viewing platform of the Upper Austrian Tower are essential.

City trips along the Danube

Step aboard one of the A-ROSA cruise ships and discover Linz from the river.

During your Danube cruise, the A-ROSA BELLA, the A-ROSA DONNA, the A-ROSA MIA, the A-ROSA RIVA and the A-ROSA FLORA will dock right in the city centre. Join one of our guided excursions with a guide who knows their way around, or explore by yourself. In the evening, return to the ship, and enjoy A-ROSA’s feel-good programme. Relax in our SPA area or chat to your fellow guests over dinner about the day’s adventures as the twinkling city lights drift by and your cruise ship continues towards Bratislava or Vienna.

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The best Sights and Destinations in Linz

Lentos Art Museum

This special building with its striking glass façade is one of the city's landmarks and is located directly on the Danube.  A large picture frame that breaks through the museum provides a very special view of the Danube and the Urfahr district. At night the glass front makes the Lentos and the Danube shimmer in vibrant colors. The museum exhibits numerous works of art from the 19th century to contemporary art, making it one of the most important museums of modern art in Austria.

Central Square Linz

Central Square Linz

The square is surrounded by baroque buildings and is one of the largest enclosed squares in Austria. In the middle stands a 20 meter high column made of white marble. As in its previous history as a market square, numerous events are still held on the here today. There are live concerts in summer and the Christmas market takes place on the main square in winter. It is also the perfect starting point for a shopping stroll through Linz or to experience the city's exceptional gastronomy.

The Schlossmuseum Linz

The building was first mentioned as early as 799. Throughout its history, it was once a residence for emperors and was later used as a military hospital and barracks. Today, the castle museum combines gastronomy with history. The building, which brings together modern and historical architecture, allows visitors to experience exciting aspects of Upper Austria's history.