River Cruises on the Rhine, Main and Moselle

Explore the Rhine and its tributaries on a fascinatingly varied river cruise. As you travel from one impressive destination to the next, you’ll discover a wide range of natural landscapes and regions as well as different towns and cities. Along the Rhine, you’ll find untamed landscapes, secluded castles, romantic villages and bustling metropolises, medieval old towns, half-timbered houses and modern architecture. What’s more, A-ROSA Rhine cruises also takes you along stretches of the Main and the Moselle, each river with its own unique character. During shore excursions, you’ll explore cities such as AmsterdamDusseldorfCologneFrankfurt on the MainStrasbourg, Basel and Brussels – as well as the surrounding areas. As soon as your ship enters a harbour, you’ll notice that each city has its own distinctive atmosphere. Whether it’s traditional, vibrant or modern and urban, every city tells its own story. Immerse yourself in the different destinations during your Rhine river cruise with A-ROSA – and prepare to have an unforgettable holiday.

A-ROSA also offers special Rhine river cruise deals for the festive season. Enjoy the magic of the Christmas markets on a Rhine Christmas cruise, or celebrate New Years on board an A-ROSA cruise ship.



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River cruises on the Rhine: more than just the Middle Rhine Valley and the Upper Rhine. Experience three of Germany's rivers, each with its own unique character: the Rhine, the Moselle and the Main.

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A-ROSA offers a wide range of cruises on the Danube. The cruises start from 4 nights, the longest cruise on the Rhine lasts 18 nights. The 4-night mini cruises are ideal for getting to know river cruises and also take place at weekends. You can find an overview of all Rhine cruises here.

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A-ROSA river cruises on the Rhine start from 4 nights. These mini cruises are ideal for gaining a first impression. You can find an overview of all cruises here.

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A-ROSA offers various itineraries on the Moselle. From 5 nights, you can discover the river with the Moselle Discovery route. On the Mosel Romance route, you have 7 nights to get to know both the Rhine and Moselle. The longest trip on the Rhine and Moselle is the 9-night Northern Rhine & Moselle Experience cruise. Explore the Moselle and the northern Rhine with major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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A-ROSA offers 7-night cruises on the Main. You can start your journey in Nuremberg and end in Cologne: River Cruise from Nuremberg. Or go the other way around, fom Cologne to Nuremberg: River Cruise from Cologne.

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