City Breaks along the Rhine.

‘Carrefour de l’Europe’ – the intersection of Europe – is how Strasbourg is referred to in leaflets.

The city is indeed a crossing point. Drinking an espresso in a boulevard café feels just like being in France – and, when enjoying a bottle of wine or a freshly tapped beer in a wine bar or inn, almost like being in Germany. Strasbourg has been characterised by the Germans and the French, who have ruled the city in alternation. Retrace the history of Strasbourg on a stroll through the heart of the city, which is completely enclosed by the Ill River. Medieval half-timbered houses in narrow, winding alleyways, elegant French city palaces at geometrically designed squares and opulent stately buildings from the Wilhelmine era are all in close vicinity to one another.

Travelling to Strasbourg by ship.

Step on board the A-ROSA cruise ships and discover the city of Strasbourg from the river.

You will dock in Strasbourg(Kehl) during a Rhine cruise with the A-ROSA AQUA, the A-ROSA BRAVA and the A-ROSA SILVA. Discover the young and lively metropolis. In the evening, A-ROSA pampering awaits you. Reflect on the day’s events during a massage in the spa or a culinary highlight at our Gourmet Buffet while the ship gently sets off for the next port along the Rhine. City trips with A-ROSA could not be any more relaxed.

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A-ROSA River Cruises to Strasbourg

Excursions and Sightseeing in Strasbourg



Indeed, all paths lead to the cathedral in Strasbourg – however, the most spectacular is when you approach the cathedral along the Rue Mercière (Grocer Street). It leads directly to the magnificent west façade, with the 16-petal rose window (14.5 metres in diameter) over the middle porch – the richly decorated main façade of the cathedral – which reflects the architecture of three centuries (1176-1439), from early Romanticism to the late Gothic period. Above the rose window is a 66-metre high platform, with 332 steps leading up to it. It is worth the effort, as you’ll have a wonderful view over the city and its surroundings. 

Petite France Rhein Traumurlaub in Strassburg

Petite France

A walk – which should be part of every visit to Strasbourg – leads from the cathedral, over Place Gutenberg, to Petite France, one of the oldest quarters in the city. This delta of the Ill canals used to be the district of the tanners who rinsed the skins in the streams. Today, Petite France attracts almost as many visitors as the cathedral. Restaurants, cafés, wine bars, and souvenir and antique shops line the streets. Despite this, the quarter, with its winding alleys and closely built half-timbered houses, bridges and old mills, has maintained its own unique charm.

The European Institutions Straßburg Europäisches Parlament

The European Institutions

Strasbourg is home to many important institutions of the European Union. The European Parliament building was opened in 1999. The plenary chamber and the Parlamentarium can be visited in this imposing and modern building, directly on the River Ill. The Council of Europe has been based in the Palace of Europe since 1977 and the building is directly adjacent to the Orangerie Park. Strasbourg is also home to the European Court of Human Rights, whose building was inaugurated in 1995 and is located directly on the River Ill.