City Breaks along the Moselle with A-ROSA

Trier is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Germany’s oldest city.

The Roman emperor Augustus founded the city in 16 BC. It’s fair to say that he and his compatriots left their mark on Trier during their reign. The city is a well-known centre of ancient architecture and always a great place to visit. The amphitheatre, the Roman Bridge, the Igel Column, the Barbara Baths, the Imperial Baths and the Basilica of Constantine are just a few of the monuments that help Trier’s history come alive. The Porta Nigra (Black Gate) is the city’s famous landmark. Since 200 AD, this 30-metre-high city gate has provided access to the city centre. Its dark colour developed as the sandstone weathered, and it makes the structure look particularly formidable. If you’re interested in more recent history, why not visit the house where the economist, philosopher and revolutionary Karl Marx was born? Today it’s home to Museum Karl-Marx-Haus.

City Trip to Trier on an A-ROSA River Cruise

Step aboard one of the A-ROSA cruise ships and discover Trier from the river.

During your Moselle cruise, the A-ROSA SILVA will dock right in the centre of Trier. Explore the city by yourself, or join one of our guided excursions with a guide who knows their way around. In the evening, return to the ship, and reflect on the day’s experiences over dinner, or relax in our SPA area. While you are still chatting to your fellow guests, the ship will depart and head for the next city – perhaps Koblenz or Cologne.

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A-ROSA River Cruises to Trier

The best Sights and Destinations in Trier

Porta Nigra

The former city gate of Trier is now one of the city's main attractions. The Porta Nigra still bears witness to the rule of the Romans in Germany. The foundation stone was laid in 170 AD and the monument has been listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of the old town from the third floor.

Trierer Dom St. Petrus

St. Peter's Cathedral in Trier is not only a landmark of the city, but also the oldest episcopal church in the whole of Germany. The outstanding architecture combines various styles. This brings together different eras of European art and architectural history.

The Imerial Baths

The Imperial Baths were once one of the largest bathing complexes in the Roman Empire. They are one of a total of three Roman baths that existed in Trier. Today, only a small part of the former 37,000 square meter thermal bath area remains. Nevertheless, the remaining ruins are an impressive sign of what life was once like on this site.