City Breaks along the Main with A-ROSA

When you order a glass of wine in Würzburg, you don’t really need to look at a wine list. The rule here is, ‘Wer Schobbe petzt, trinkt Frankenwein’ (‘If you’re going to drink a glass of wine, make it Franconian wine’). And the wine here really is outstanding.

Located in a valley basin, Würzburg could be described as a city that’s both young and old. The cityscape reflects Würzburg’s 1,400-year-old history. For example, the Würzburg Residence is one of the most important buildings of its kind from the late baroque period, and the Mirror Cabinet is considered the best example of a rococo interior. Würzburg is an ideal destination for a city break: it has a youthful atmosphere thanks to having many students, who have brought cafes, bars, concerts and modern culture with them. And then there’s the Partykeller, a special feature of Würzburg’s nightlife.

Travel to Würzburg on an A-ROSA River Cruise

Step aboard one of the A-ROSA cruise ships and discover Würzburg from the river.

During your Main cruise, the A-ROSA SILVA will dock right in the centre of Würzburg. Explore the city by yourself, or join one of our guided excursions with a guide who knows their way around. In the evening, return to the ship, and reflect on the day’s experiences over dinner, or relax in our SPA area. While you are still chatting to your fellow guests, the ship will depart and head for the next city – perhaps Nuremberg or Frankfurt.

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The best Sights and Destinations in Würzburg

Würzburg Residenz Rhein Würzburger Residenz

Würzburg Residenz

The Würzburg Residence is a breathtaking palace and also the city's landmark. Built between 1720 and 1744, the palace was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. Today, many rooms within the residence can be visited. The building is also used by the university and the Würzburg State Gallery. It is worth taking a stroll through the courtyard garden, which combines baroque and rococo elements.

The Old Main Bridge Alte Mainbrücke Würzburg

The Old Main Bridge

The beautiful pedestrian bridge in the center of the city dates back to the 15th century. During a leisurely stroll across, you can have a look at the various baroque figures that decorate the bridge. It also allows you to enjoy a wonderful view of the Marienberg Fortress. Especially on warm days it serves as a lively meeting place for residents and visitors to the city.

Marienberg Fortress Rhein Marienberg Würzburg

Marienberg Fortress

The fortress, which consists of various buildings, is a landmark of the city. Due to its perfect location on a hill surrounded by vineyards, it is well worth a visit to enjoy the panoramic view over the city. The baroque buildings now house two museums, which can be visited.