City breaks along the Rhine

Step aboard one of the A-ROSA cruise ships and discover Düsseldorf from the river.

During your Rhine river cruise, the A-ROSA AQUA and the A-ROSA FLORA will dock right in the centre of Düsseldorf. As you walk into the heart of the city, you can kick off your tour with a stroll along one of Germany’s leading luxury shopping boulevards, the Kö.

And why not visit one of over 300 pubs in the old town and enjoy a draught Altbier?

Then, discover even more of Düsseldorf with A-ROSA as you visit the old city hall in Renaissance-style and the magnificent Hofgarten park, whose oldest sections date back to the 18th century.

A-ROSA river cruises to Düsseldorf in 2023

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From Cologne to Willemstad, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf to Cologne.

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The best sights and destinations in Düsseldorf



The MedienHafen complex is a must-see. This unique urban district was created when the city’s old harbour area was rebuilt. Celebrated architects such as Frank O. Gehry, David Chipperfield and Claude Vasconi were allowed to let their creativity run free here – and the result is a fascinatingly varied neighbourhood.

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Düsseldorf’s old town

Düsseldorf’s old town

Düsseldorf’s old town is known for having more than 300 pubs, among other things. The Uerige (the archetypical Düsseldorf brewery) always attracts a big crowd – even though the name of the establishment comes from the local word for ‘grumpy’. The Köbesse – as the waiting staff are known here – are rather unfriendly, in keeping with tradition. There’s plenty more to do here besides eat and drink. This is the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, so there’s also a wealth of art and culture to enjoy.

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The Königsallee is more than Düsseldorf’s main shopping boulevard – it has become the city’s trademark around the world.

Nicknamed Kö by the locals, it is a magnet for international visitors.

As well as a large variety of shops, it also boasts plenty of pavement cafes – which are perfect for sitting back and watching the world go by – and luxury hotels on its western side.