City breaks along the Rhine

Rotterdam is many things: a vibrant international port city with Europe’s biggest sea harbour, a city with great shopping and nightlife and a hub for artists and creatives.

And, as you’ll notice as soon as you arrive, it embraces contemporary architecture like no other Dutch city. Rotterdam’s skyline is constantly changing, with futuristic new buildings proudly growing skyward.

Here’s a tip: the SS Rotterdam, a large transatlantic passenger ship built in 1959, is moored in the city’s harbour. You can visit the engine room, the bridge and the rooms, which still have the original decor.

City breaks to Rotterdam with A-ROSA

Step aboard one of the A-ROSA cruise ships and discover Rotterdam from the river.

During your cruise on the Rhine, the A-ROSA AQUA, the A-ROSA SILVA and the A-ROSA FLORA will dock right in the centre of Rotterdam. Explore the city by yourself, or join one of our guided excursions with a guide who knows their way around. In the evening, return to the ship, and reflect on the day’s experiences over dinner, or relax in our SPA area. While you are still chatting to your fellow guests, the ship will depart and head for the next city – perhaps Antwerp or Amsterdam.

A-ROSA river cruises to Rotterdam in 2021

To Rhine River Cruise: Rhine Mini Cruise Amsterdam & Rotterdam



Rhine Mini Cruise Amsterdam & Rotterdam International

From Cologne to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Cruising Day to Cologne.

from 399 pp

To Rhine Cruise: Rhine Mini Cruise Netherlands



Rhine Mini Cruise Netherlands International

From Cologne to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen to Cologne.

from 499 pp