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Kommen Sie an Bord der A-ROSA Kreuzfahrtschiffe und entdecken Sie den Rhein ab Köln. Sie erreichen die Metropolen des Rheins wie Amsterdam, Basel oder Antwerpen vom Fluss aus.

Ihre spannende Rhein-Kreuzfahrt mit der A-ROSA AQUAA-ROSA BRAVAA-ROSA SILVAA-ROSA FLORA und A-ROSA SENA startet in Köln. Fußläufig erreichen Sie vom Zentrum der Metropole unseren Anleger. Selbstverständlich gibt es auch einen Transfer der Sie vom Hauptbahnhof direkt zu Ihrem Schiff bringt. Von dort kann Ihre aufregende Flusskreuzfahrt beginnen. 

Step aboard one of the A-ROSA cruise ships, and discover the Rhine from Cologne. You can visit the metropolises along the Rhine such as Amsterdam, Basel or Antwerp.

Your exciting river cruise with the A-ROSA AQUA, A-ROSA BRAVA, A-ROSA SILVA, A-ROSA FLORA and A-ROSA SENA starts in Cologne. You can reach the pier by foot from the centre of Cologne. Of course, there is also a transfer that takes you from the main station directly to your ship. Here we will set off for your exciting river cruise.

We recommend arriving one day before your river cruise or simply extending your stay after the cruise to get to know Cologne better. Because the cathedral city also has a lot to offer. Once in Cologne, you should definitely visit the cathedral. Or why not discover one of the many pubs in the old town and enjoy a freshly tapped Kölsch beer. 

Discover the Rhine-Main-Moselle-region

Explore the Rhine and its tributaries on a fascinatingly varied river cruise. As you travel from one impressive destination to the next, you’ll discover a wide range of natural landscapes and regions as well as different towns and cities.

Along the Rhine, you’ll find untamed landscapes, secluded castles, romantic villages and bustling metropolises, medieval old towns, half-timbered houses and modern architecture. What’s more, A-ROSA Rhine cruises also takes you along stretches of the Main and the Moselle, each river with its own unique character. During shore excursions, you’ll explore cities such as AmsterdamDusseldorfCologneFrankfurt on the MainStrasbourg, Basel and Brussels – as well as the surrounding areas. As soon as your ship enters a harbour, you’ll notice that each city has its own distinctive atmosphere. Whether it’s traditional, vibrant or modern and urban, every city tells its own story. Immerse yourself in the different destinations during your Rhine river cruise with A-ROSA – and prepare to have an unforgettable holiday.

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River cruises from Cologne in 2024

The best sights and destinations on the Rhine



Today, Cologne Cathedral is still one of the most important buildings in the Christian world. The walls of this masterfully designed place of worship give way to large window areas and delicate tracery. The Gero Crucifix on the north side of the ambulatory is one of the oldest remaining large-scale sculptures from the Middle Ages, and the window designed by Gerhard Richter is one of the most recent highlights.

ANTWERP'S VLAEYKENSGANG Kaffeepause in Antwerpen


Back to the 16th century: The hidden Vlaeykensgang from 1591 connects the Hoogstraat, the Oude Koornmarkt and the Pelgrimstraat, and takes its visitors on a journey into the past. Today, antique shops, art galleries and the exclusive restaurant of Sir Anthony Van Dyck can be found in the historical buildings. However, shoemakers and the poorest people in the city used to live here. Pay a visit to the cobbled alleyway and soak up the medieval atmosphere.



Indeed, all paths lead to the cathedral in Strasbourg – however, the most spectacular is when you approach the cathedral along the Rue Mercière (Grocer Street). It leads directly to the magnificent west façade, with the 16-petal rose window (14.5 metres in diameter) over the middle porch – the richly decorated main façade of the cathedral – which reflects the architecture of three centuries (1176-1439), from early Romanticism to the late Gothic period. Above the rose window is a 66-metre high platform, with 332 steps leading up to it. It is worth the effort, as you’ll have a wonderful view over the city and its surroundings. 



Amsterdam is a city with an abundance of water. With around 200 canals, moats, locks and other similar bodies of water, this European city welcomes you on a reflective tour of the canals. Lean back and take in the diversity of the capital city whilst the boat floats gently through the canals. The main canals Singel, Herengracht, Keizergracht and Prinsengracht flow through the city centre. You can book canal tours quickly and easily in the city, for example in the central station.


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